assosiation of non alcholic fatty liver disease with coronary artery disease

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muhammad saad jibran


OBJECTIVE: To determine the association between non alcoholic fatty liver disease and coronary artery disease.

METHODOLOGY: This cross sectional study is conducted from July 2016 to December 2016, in cardiology unit, Lady reading hospital. By using non probability consecutive sampling, patients of all age groups and either gender, presenting to cath: lab for coronary angiography, indicated for angina CCS III, were included in the study. All patients fulfilling inclusion and exclusion criteria were subjected to screening for NAFLD by using ultrasonography. Patients were classified into having no, mild, moderate and sever NAFLD. Correlation between NAFLD and CAD, confirmed on cath: studies, was done using Spearman’s rho test.

RESULTS: Total of 370 patients with mean age of 55.36 ± 10.07 years were enrolled in the study, of which 44.6% were females. Known risk factors for CAD like Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and smoking were present in 63.5%, 64.9% and 23% respectively. 28.4% of patients had no NAFLD, 28.4% had mild, 28.4% had moderate and 14.4% had sever NAFLD. 12.2% had no CAD while mild, moderate and sever disease was present in 36.5%, 31.1% and 2.3% respectively. By using chi square test co relation co efficient between NAFLD and CAD was calculated and came out to be 285.536 ( p value <0.000). NAFLD also increased the odds of having CAD by 2.9 times with a p value for odd ratio <0.000.

CONCLUSION: NAFLD is strongly associated as an independent risk factor with CAD and increases the odds of having CAD.

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