An investigation into postural abnormalities in School children

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Abdul Wajid Bhat
Anna K Dhaliwal
Gunjan Bhardwaj
Burhan Bashir


Both good and bad posture can exacerbate structural flaws in the human body. Any postural defects have not occurred if the person is carrying out his everyday activities with proper posture. If they are unable to stand or sit with proper posture for the job, they will undoubtedly have abnormalities like bowlegs, round shoulders, knock knees, scoliosis, and kyphosis. “An investigation into postural abnormalities in school children" was the kind of topic that was selected for this.  500 schoolboys were observed for this study. 10 to 18 years old is the age range for school-age children. This study's primary goal is to determine the proportion of schoolboys who have postural abnormalities.

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