Spinal anesthesia versus general anesthesia in cesarean section

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Dr. V.M.Joshi, Dr. P.B.Jamale, Dr. Mrs. S.M.Gandhi


Background: Caesarean section (CS) is now one of the most commonly performed major operations in women throughout the world. The present study was conducted to compare spinal anesthesia with general anesthesia in cesarean section. Materials & Methods: 80 pregnant women were divided into 2 groups of 40 each. Parameters such as haematological, post-surgical symptoms were recorded. Clinical symptoms and side-effects were also noted. Results:  The mean hemoglobin level in group I was 9.4 and in group II was 9.6, mean platelet count was 2.7 X 109/L and 2.4 X 109/L, mean WBC count in group I was 12.8 109/L and 10.5 109/L in group II, mean RBCs was 5.7 X 109/L and 5.3 X 109/L in group I and II respectively. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Complication was fever in 5 and 7, vomiting in 3 and 5, headache in 4 and 2, hypotension in 3 and 6, pain in 3 and 2 and post- operative infection in 2 and 4 in group I and II respectively.  The difference was non- significant (P> 0.05). Conclusion: The choice of technique should be done considering clinical factors. Both spinal anesthesia and general anesthesia showed variations in hematological parameters.

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