A Restoration Of Dance Of Qiang Heritage Performance And Creation After Earquake.

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Zhuang Tan, Phakamas Jirajarupat


This study investigates how heritage disciplines intentionally, with dynamism, and selection, pass on their personal philosophy under the supervision of the exterior world via the storyline and evaluation of investigation data. The initial dance of Qiang's piece Never-ending is used as an example. In addition to this, the study investigates the execution overview, particular measures, the worth and relevance of recovering and safeguarding dance heritage after the tragedy, as well as thoughts relating to this topic. Meanwhile, the People of Qiang, who the calamity has impacted, are receiving therapy in the form of the conventional Dance of Qiang, which is being brought back to its former glory. A novel kind of Dance of Qiang is being used with the intention of endearing the people of Qiang to their breathtakingly beautiful motherland.

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