Effectiveness of Training Program on Nurses' Practices toward use of Physical Restraints for Patients at the intensive Care Unit

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Saad Ahmed Dheef, Widad Kamil Mohammed


 Intensive care nurses frequently use physical restraints to control agitated and confused patients and maintain eavesdropping devices such as the ventilator tube, enteral tube feeding, urinary catheter, and IV line, where appropriate nurse practices are required to keep the patient from complications using restraints. This study aims to evaluate how effectively the training program has impacted how critical care unit nurses employ physical restraints. A Quasi-experimental study, and non-probability (purposive) samples were conducted on nurses at ICU from (1 December 2023 to 16 March 2023). The study included (40) nurses, who were distributed to the study and the control group, and only the study group received the program. The practices were evaluated by using the observational checklist. The researcher used the split-half to measure the reliability (r=0.83) allowing the nurse practices observational checklist to be reliable. The data was analyzed by using (SPSS version 23). the results there is a significant variation between nurses' practices.; in the study group between the pre-and post-test. Conclusion Nurses' practices have gotten better after attending the training program for the study group, the recommendation there should physical restraint education booklets should ben every hospital division that employs restraints.

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