Evaluation of nurses Practice toward Children Safety Post Cardiac Catheterization Procedure

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¹Ibrahim kadim Omran, Adraa Hussein Shawq


  Background:  Safety child post cardiac catheterization is mainly one responsibility of nurse’s staff, its main goal is to prevent or reduce series complication that could occur post catheterization. However, cardiac catheterization is simple invasive procedure that used mainly for diagnosis and therapeutic purposive. After catheterization procedure, several complications may raise and lead to increase morbidity and mortality incidence among children. Early nursing intervention can minimize burden of care. Safety measures of child in hospital become a basic care health, as indicated by all health organizations. The responsibility of the nurses should include ensuring patient`s safety without accidental harm in addition to the quality of care.

Method: A descriptive design was used to evaluate nurses' practice toward children's safety post cardiac catheterization, sample of 60 nurse were participated in Shaheed Almuhrab center cardiac surgery, nurses practice was evaluated by observation checklist that include 20 items concerning preventive measure to prevent complication after catheterization. Direct observation method was used; the data was analyzed by SPSS program.

Results: the result included that 75% of the studied nurses recorded a fair level of practices about children’s safety post cardiac catheterization. However, 13.3% of them recorded inadequate level of practices, and 11.7 % of them with adequate level of practices.

Conclusions: most nurses at cardiac care center have fair level of practices regarding safety of child post cardiac catheterization. However, the aspire to develop their practice to adequate level.

 Recommendations: enrolled nurses at training sessions about safety of children post cardiac catheterization, and focusing on issue of patient safety through nursing academic curriculums.

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