Assessment of Foot-care Practices among Women with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

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Zahraa Fares Kamel, Wissam Jabar Qasim


This study aimed to assess foot care among women with Type II DM in the light of sociodemographic characteristics. A descriptive cross-sectional study conducted at the Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in Al-Diwaniyah City for the period from October 1st, 2022 to March 1st, 2023. The women with type II DM consisted of 200 women who were selected according to the non-probability (purposive) sampling method. The questionnaire was validated by experts and its reliability was validated by a pilot study. The total number of items included in the questionnaire was 9 items for assess foot-care practices. Data were collected through interviews and analyzed by applying descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The results indicated that the average age of the respondents is 51 years, (40.5%) have insufficient monthly income, (60.5%) are urban residents, (60%) are married, (26.5%) are illiterate and (50%) are housewives. More than half (52%) of the study women with type II DM were found to engage in self-management behaviors in terms of foot care at an good level. There were statistically significant differences in foot-care practices among women according to monthly income and educational level. The results of the current study showed significantly good foot-care practices and differs according to education level and monthly income. Awareness programs for patients with diabetes who have low educational levels and monthly income are recommended in clinical practice to enhance foot-care practices.

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