Evaluation of Nurses' Practices about Care of Children with Traumatic Head Injury

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Nawar Kuairullah Mahdi, Suad Hassoon Khudhair


Background: The expertise and experience of nurses is absolutely necessary for the treatment of children who have suffered catastrophic brain injuries. Because of the potential for these injuries to have significant and long-term repercussions, it is imperative that nurses have a solid understanding of the right methods for assessing, treating, and following up with the children who have sustained them.

Objective(s): This study aims to evaluate nurses' practices about care of children with Traumatic Head Injury.

Methodology: A descriptive study design was conducted in February 22th ,2023 to May 22th, 2023, for (30) nurses who work in intensive care unit in Neurosurgery teaching hospital at Baghdad city. The nurses were selected from morning and night shift. The study questioner was consisting to tow parts, demographic data, nurses' practices about care of children with traumatic head injury. The reliability of questioner was determined through a pilot study consist from (10) nurse and validity through a panel of (10) experts

Results: The result of this study show that the age group (20-less than 25) takes the highest percentage, most of the study sample 64% was females, more of nurses are married 72%, the years of experience in which 25% of them seen with"6- less than 11", the highest percentage, regarding level of education refer to "diploma" in the 65%of nurses, only 32%of nurses reported they participated in the trending courses about traumatic head injury, the study show that the overall of nurses’ practices about traumatic head injuries in children; the findings reveals the nurses are poor level of practices during the test time (100%, M±SD= 67.28 ± 3.714).

Conclusion: the age for nurses refers to “20-less than 25” years. The gender refers to that two thirds are female, most of the nurses are married, more than half of them seen with “6-less than 11” years of experience. Only one third of nurses are participated in training courses about traumatic head injury.  And the study show that the nurses are poor level of practices during the test time.

Recommendations: The study recommended to Provide ongoing training on traumatic head injury: As the participation in training courses about traumatic head injury is relatively low practices during the test, it is recommended to offer regular and mandatory training sessions on this topic to enhance nurses 'practices and improve patient care outcomes.

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