Effect of Nursing Intervention on the Severity of Pain for Patients with Angina in Emergency Unit. A Nursing Intervention Study

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Noora Hamed Abbas, Hakemia Shakir Hassen


Objectives: To evaluation of nurse interventions' efficacy in reducing pain intensity among angina patients in the emergency unit is the goal. 

Methods: In the emergency room of Al-Rifai General Hospital in Al-Nasiriya city, a quasi-experimental study design was implemented.  from December 9th, 2022, through June 18th, 2023, the period in question.

A non-probability (purposive) sample of (100) patients was split into two groups: the study group, which included (50) patients who received a nursing intervention, and the control group, which included (50) patients who did not receive any nursing intervention.

  with the purpose of evaluating the impact of nurse interventions on patients with anginal symptoms in the emergency unit who are experiencing the reduction of pain intensity for people with angina in the emergency unit. the researcher used the Numeric Pain Rating Scale was used to gauge the degree of the participants' pain.

 While the instrument's validity was verified by a panel of 13 experts, its reliability was ascertained by using a test-and-retest methodology. (r=0.81).

In order to determine the differences between the study and control groups, descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, and standard deviations) and inferential statistics (Chi-square test and Independent T test) were applied to the analysis of the data.

Results: The research's findings demonstrated that there are substantial differences between the study group and control group with regard to pain severity, with the study group showing a decrease in pain severity when compared to the control group.

Conclusions: The study came to the conclusion that the emergency room nurse intervention was a suitable intervention. Compared to patients in the control group, patients were happier with prompt nurse assistance.

Recommendations: The research suggested to improve patient satisfaction, relieve or lessen pain intensity, and prevent complications, continue this nursing intervention by giving out booklets often to angina patients in the emergency room that provide guidelines for an optimal nurse response

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