Effect of Social Media Uses on High School Female Students

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Samah Nghaimesh Sultan, Iman Hussein


Objectives: The study aims to assessment of the social media use in high school female .

Methods: This study aims To assess the use of social media among high school female students, To investigate the differences in use of social media and To identify if the device used, most common content of social media, most common platform, time spent on social media Through the using of descriptive correlational design conducted in Baghdad city at high school female of Directorate of Education Rusafa Second and Third fromĀ  November/2022 to May 2023. The instrument of the study was designed by using sociodemographic, social media scale. The data was collected through use self-reported ```majority of (75.2%) of high school female students were used Mobile phone In regards with the most common content of social media, the most common were Entertaining (71.6%) and lowest were Sports (2%).Platform related findings, the most common platform were YouTube (43.9%) and the lowest were Facebook (14.1%).Time spent on device use in week days associated findings, participants expressed 3 to less than 5 hours in day (33.8%) The results showed that (52%) of the high school female students expressed a moderate effects of social media uses (Mean=20.25; SD=4.31).

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