Microneedles: A Astute Approach and Increasing Efficacy for Transdermal Drug Delivery System

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Vikrant Nikam, Shubhangi Damale, Rushikesh Ingale, Jyoti Khapare


While the world’s population increase and live longer, monitoring health becomes an important issue. Actual methods use hypodermal syringe creating fear and pain among patients. According to medical science the skin is full of immune cells and scientists now know that this is a very effective area for the application of vaccines and other life saving drugs. Microneedle is the fantastic opportunity waking up by the pharmaceutical industry. Recently microneedle opened a new way to biomonitoring drug delivery. Microneedle patch contains lot of small needles and these needles are very very short so that it does not cause pain. When applied to the skin these small needles create lots of passage across the skin so that the drug can be delivered. Five types of microneedle patch exist such as coated, solid, hollow, hydrogel and dissolving. Currently this microneedle patch can be used in two areas one is for drug delivery and other one is for cosmetics. Microneedle patch is an innovative dosage form suitable for wide variety of molecules such as biologics, vaccines and small molecules.

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