Pharmacological And Phytochemical Screening of Achillea Millefolium Extract for Its Anti-Diabetic Activity

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Nitin Ramola, Amandeep Singh, Neelam Painuly


     The aim of this study is to investigate the pharmacological and phytochemical properties    of   Achillea millefolium extract for its anti-diabetic activity. Diabetes mellitus is a group of disease that results in too much sugar in the blood (high blood glucose). The extractive values for the Achillea millefolium leaves extract are as follows: Methanol extractive value: 15.55% (w/w), Ethanol extractive value: 11.20% (w/w).The Achillea millefolium leaves and fruit extract has a moisture content of 2.5%, 1.84% of foreign organic matter, and an extractive value of 16.35%. Findings indicate that the methanol extract of Achillea millefolium leaves has the highest total phenolic content, while the ethanol extract exhibits the highest DPPH scavenging activity. The crude extract shows the strongest α-amylase

inhibitory activity among the tested extracts. The petroleum ether extract has the lowest total phenolic content and its DPPH scavenging activity is not significant. These results provide valuable information about the antioxidant and α-amylase inhibitory properties of Achillea millefolium leaves extracts, which can have potential applications in natural product research, herbal medicine, and the development of functional foods.

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