A Novel Homemade Appliance For Noise Reduction From Chair Side Dental Compressor

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Dr. Ruqaiya Rashid1, Dr. Rohima Mahajan2, Dr. Aamir Rashid Purra3, Dr. Fayaz Ahmed Ahanger4




Background: This study was conducted to compare and measure the level of sound emitted from astandard dental compressor at three different positions in astandardized dental setup with and without anovel home-made enclosure.

Material and methods: To make standardized clinical set up, an isolated glass encased room was used. Position Of decibulometer was fixed at 11’0 clock analogous to position of right handed operator. Chairside dental compressor (Confident Dental Equipment) was turned on for 30 minutes and the noise registered on decibulometer first without any enclosure and secondly with enclosure (Made Of Jute Fibre) at three different positions. To check any temperature raised with use of enclosure, a digital thermometer was attached to the compressor.

Results: Significant reduction in noise was perceived at all positions with and without enclosure. A difference of 10-16 decibel of reduction was recorded at all positions. No significant temperature rise of compressor was observed with and without enclosure.

Conclusion: This study concluded the use of home made jute fiber significantly reduce the noise produced by standard dental compressor. However further research in the subject is warranted.

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