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Mamoona Mushtaq


Objective: The current study was conducted to explore the relationship of stresswith headache, high blood pressure and self-esteem in working women.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study was carried out in Govt MAO College,Lahore, Pakistan from January, 2016 to November, 2016. Sample of the studyconsisted of married working women and was obtained from differentdepartments of two universities of Lahore. Age range of the research participantswas 25-45 years. Demographic information regarding age, monthly income,education, marital status, nature of job, residential area, number of children andfamily structure of research participants was obtained. Depression Anxiety andStress Scale (DASS) designed to assess depression, anxiety and stress wasused . Data on headache experienced during the last 6 months was obtained..People who are diagnosed patients of migraine or any other type of headachedisease were excluded from the study. Blood pressure and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale was used to assess the self-esteem of working women.

Results: Total 200 married women were included. Results indicated significantrelationship of stress with headache ( = 19.52***, p < .001) and high bloodpressure ( =27.56***, p<.001) and self-esteem ( =-10.35***, p<.001)of working women. Similarly, stress had negative correlation with education (r=-.45***, p < .001), monthly income (r = -.38***, p < .001) and significantpositive correlation with contractual job (r = -.38***, p < .001.) Similarly,monthly expenses (B = .25***, p <.001), being married (B = .37***, p<.001), more number of dependents(B=.45***, p <.001), contractual job (B= .49***, p <.001), tenure track job (B = .29***, p <.001) and joint familysystem (B=.38***, p <.001) appeared as positive predictors of headache andhigh blood pressure, whereas permanent job emerged as negative predictors ofheadaches (B = .-21***, p <.001) and high blood pressure (B = .-27***, p<.001) in working women.

Conclusion: Stress is a significant feature of working women affecting theirphysical and psychological health. University teachers experience stress,headache and frequently rise in their blood pressure.

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