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Pakistan Heart Journal accepts contributions relating to cardiovascular diseases which includes originals articles, case reports special communications and review articles.

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About the Journal

The Pakistan Heart Journal (PHJ) is a 45-years-old quarterly, peer reviewed official journal of Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS). PHJ publishes scholarly research focusing on the various fields of Cardiology and its sub-specialties. We are dedicated to promote high quality research and disseminate the latest advances among all health care professionals interested in various fields of cardiology including general clinical cardiology, preventive cardiology, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, electrophysiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac imaging, cardiothoracic surgery, and cardiac anesthesiology.

As a leading cardiology journal of the country, Pakistan Heart Journal remains cognizant of the recent advances in the rapidly growing fields of cardiology, it invites and encourages scholars to write short communications and invited editorials on the emerging issues. We particularly aim to promote standards of cardiovascular diseases management and prevention in developing countries, like Pakistan, by encouraging manuscript submissions on issues affecting the public health.

It has a strong commitment towards original research of high quality. We follow double-blind peer review process as per international standards and their record is well kept. We not only focus on pure medical issues but we also highlight the ethical and moral issues as they do have profound effects on overall quality, training and research.

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Due to increased expenses of the journal, we have increased the charges for publication in the journal to 600 USD per accepted manuscript w.e.f 25th April 2023.

Call for Papers


Call for Papers for the New Issue

Last Date of Submission: February 20th, 2023

Vol. 56 No. 3 (2023): Pakistan Heart Journal

Published: 2023-07-11

Clinical Profile and Management of Inguinoscrotal Swellings in Paediatric Age Group

Sandeep Mishra, Sunil Kumar Habada, Biswakesh Panigrahy, Rabinarayan Guru, Anand Tirkey


Study of Association between Hyperuricemia and Albuminuria in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Sridhar Panda, Deepak Ranjan Nayak, Saroj Kumar Das, Amita Kerketta, Sunil Kumar Mahapatra


Comparison of Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients Wearing Mandibular Overdentures with One or Two Implants and Immediate Loading Protocols

Dr.Anuj Kishor Shukla, Dr. Varun Sachan, Dr. Kaushik Kumar Pandey, Dr. Praveen Kumar Patel, Dr Chetan Luniyal, Dr.Shalini Chauhan


Evaluation of Challenges Encountered by Dental Students in the Study of Oral Pathology: A Cross-Sectional Study

Sonal Saigal, Ankur Bhargava, Tarun Kumar, Geetika Tomar, Rashmeet Kaur, Ranjeeta Mehta


Evaluation of Invitro Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Bauhinia Purpurea Leaves

K. Thamizhvanan, G. Mounika, K. Aliya, R. Sreedhar Reddy, S. Sesidhar Reddy, V. Jeevana, Y. S. Nikhath

31 - 38

Kautilya’s Arthashastra and Indian Military Reforms

Rhitwique Dutta, Kaushik Dutta, Hemeswari Bhuyan

45 - 48

In Vitro Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Three Types of Plaque Control Methods in Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Baratam Srinivas, Dr. Anuj Kishor Shukla, Dr. Kaushik Kumar Pandey, Dr. Bharat Gupta, Dr. Nilima Kadam, Dr. Chetan Sharma


In Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Surface Treatments' Impact on Cement-Retained Bridge Retention in Implant-Supported Restorations with Short Abutments

Dr.Shradha Soni, Dr.Mehtaab Singh Bhatia, Dr.Ranu Sharma, Dr.Pranay Kankaria, Dr.Shuchi Kulkarni, Dr.Vivek Lath



Chaitanya Jalem, Adari Jyothirlekha, Kedarisetti Bhargavi Ratna Sri Savitri, Saragadam Ram Diwakar,Voota Vijaya Latha, Dr Shaik Faizan Ali, Dr. Netala Silvia, Dr. M Raghu Bapiraju , Dr. Gadde Praveen.


Secondary caries in fixed dental prostheses

Dr. Ritu Sharma, Dr. Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Dr. Anshul, Dr. Meenakshi Chopra, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Pragati Agarwal


Systematic Review of Therapeutic Care in Diabetic Patients with Orthopedic Problems based on Radiological Points in ICU & OR

Mohamad Keramati, Maryam Khalili, Majid Khalilizad, Emad Khoshdel, Shima Sadat Aghahosseini

118 - 133

Emergency preparedness in a pandemic: Cultural considerations and ethical decision making

Dr.Anushree Rathore, Dr.Ankita Bhargava, Dr.Mohammad Abu Bakr Siddique, Dr.Karri Tyson, Dr.Ankita Jain, Dr.Ruchita Khade


AI-assisted Formulation Design for Improved Drug Delivery and Bioavailability

Sahil Tyagi, Anuj Pathak, Dr. N.G. Raghavendra Rao, Shagun Nehra, Ayush Asthana, Vaibhav Sharma, Garima Katyal, Abhay Bhardwaj, Latika Sharma, Surya Prakash, Deepti Katiyar


Machine learning approaches for the prediction and detection of epilepsy

1Vaibhav Sharma, N.G.Raghavendra Rao, Anuj Pathak, Garima Katyal, Sahil Tyagi, Abhay Bharadwaj, Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Latika Sharma


Aggressive Pyogenic Granuloma Mimicking a Malignancy - A Case Report

Dr. Anushree Rathore, Dr. Swati Saawarn, Dr.Abhishek Singh, Dr. Karri Tyson, Dr. Kanchan Gupta, Dr. Shoomali Hassan


Prevalence of Non-Communicable Disease in Elderly and Its Evaluation in Home Based Care in Urban Population

Debasish Bebartta, Mamata Rani Giri, Sasmita Kumari Bisoyi, Debasish Sethy, Subrat Kumar Tripathy


Recurrence of Giant Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

Ehab Sadeq El-Hussieny, Maha Mohammed Saqnawi, Banan Ali Najmi, Nawaf Najim Alzahrani, Sawsan Adil Khan

220 - 223

Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus is a Risk Factor of Different Types of Cancers: Systematic Review

Nawaf Farhan Alrawili, Wafaa Mohamed Falah, Mohammed Ahmed M Alnujaydi, Yahya Khaled I Alrumaih, Abdulrahman Ahmed M Alnujayd, Sultan Mohammed F Alanazi

224 - 232

Study of Demographic, Risk Factors, Clinical, Laboratory, Management and Outcomes in Patients of Liver Abscess from a Tertiary Care Centre in South India

Dr.(Maj.) Aradya H.V., Dr. Deepak Suvarna, Dr. Nandeesh H.P., Dr. Ganesh Koppad, Dr. Sharathchandra K.K., Dr. Devansh Bajaj, Dr. Abhishek Kabra, Dr. Vinodkumar L., Dr. Mohith H.N.


Fetomaternal outcome in pregnancy following spontaneous abortion

Dr. Nupur Ghosh, Dr. Kajal Kumar Patra, Dr. Ankur Biswas, Dr. Kishore P Madhwani


Diagnosis and Management Viral Encephalitis in Pediatric Patients: An Overview

Saad Abdullah Alamri, Bandar Abdullah Alqahtani, Ghalib Mohammed Alsulami, Haneen abdullah Abdulaziz alqubali, Ali Hussain Alnujaydi, Abdullah Ahmad Alatawi, Bakr Akram Sayfi Jalawi

247 - 260

Overview of the Prevalence and risk factors of hypertension in Saudi Arabia: Systematic review

Rayan Ahmed Alaswad Alanazi, Ahmed Ibrahim Alomiri, Anwar Khalid Alruwili, Dalia Khaled M Alruwaili

267 - 272

Formulation and Evaluation of Selegiline Nanoparticles

Jogannagari Nikhila, V. T. Iswariya, T. Rama Rao

281 - 290

A Review on Nanoparticles for the Treatment in Parkinson's Disease

Jogannagari Nikhila, V. T. Iswariya, N. Madhavi, T. Rama Rao

291 - 296

Clinicohematological evaluation of anaemia in females of reproductive age group (15-49 years)

Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, Dr. Bharti Thaker, Dr. Ameet Kaur, Dr. Deepa Hans




306 - 316

Association of serum ferritin levels with severity of hypertensive retinopathy

Dr. Shivani Sharma, Dr. Divyanshi Gupta, Dr. Satish Gupta, Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma


Psychological Deficiency Status of Elderly Patients with Age-Associated Comorbid Cardiopathology

Alexey Viktorovich Chernov, Nadezhda Alexandrovna Shchetinina

328 - 333

Assessing Awareness and Knowledge About Forensic Dentistry Among Law Enforcement Agencies in Bengaluru City - Police Department

Dr. Krishnanand P S, Dr. Vidya M A, Dr. Sheema Anjum, Dr. Sejal Bhardwaj, Dr. Shiksha Sunil Mukundapanavar


Bond strength of orthodontic brackets to temporary crown

Dr. Prashanth R, Dr. Divya Swarup, Dr. Deepak Singh, Dr. Shanahaz K Saidalavi, Dr. Farzzana Mehraj, Dr. Shivani Arora


Evaluation of pattern of impacted third molar in known population

Dr. Barun Kumar, Dr. Harjit S Kalsi, Dr. Viraj R. Kharkar, Dr. Ashvin Wagh, Dr. Deepak R Kolte, Dr. Tejal Patil


A Study of Risk Malignancy Index (RMI) in Adnexal masses of a Tertiary Care Hospital

Susanta Kumar Behera, Siba Prasad Das, Sujata Rout, Arati Behera


Characteristics of Hepatic Complications In Pf Malaria: A Study In A Tertiary Health Center

Lipika Behera, Sushma Korukonda, Lachhaman Bag, Sangram Kishore Sabat


Forensic examination of petrol for adulteration by GC-MS

Rudranarayan Behera, Amrita Dey, Spriha Sharma

387 - 394

Use of Social Media and the Effects on Students' Sleep Pattern in King Saud University: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

Bashaier Aldhafeeri, Ghezlan Alqahtani, Amnah Al Ali, Majedah Alruwaili, Rene Carcuela

413 - 423

Oral cancer pain: The most painful of all cancers

Dr. Anushree Rathore, Dr. Ami Rawal, Dr. Karri Tyson, Dr. Anurag Azad, Dr. Saurabh Sathe, Dr. Abhishek Singh


Evaluation of Surgical and Non-Surgical Approaches in the Management of Perineal Infections in Patients with Leukemia: A Retrospective Study

Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini Nodoushan, Fakhrosadat Anaraki, Mohammad hassani, Toobashirzad, Mohammad Shafiee

429 - 433

In-Vitro Characterization and Development of Cationic Polysaccharide Gel of Rogaine

Anjali, Akanksha Chandra, Jyoti Sinha, Gaurav Saxena, Anand Kumar Malayalam

446 - 457

A Study on the Living Arrangements of the Elderly

Dr. Rajitha T., Dr. Dundesh Maled


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