Morphological Changes in Erythrocytes under Laser Exposure in Children with Hemangioma of the Facial Region

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Karimkulov Nodirbek Abdujalilovich, Sadykov Rasul Rustamovich


In pediatric pathology, hemangiomas occupy a leading place in terms of frequency of occurrence. They are characterized by rapid growth, damage to nearby tissues and structures. This article describes the hemangiomas of the facial region occurring against the background of anemia, the factors of their development, as well as the treatment tactics we expect. The frequency of occurrence reaches 40%. Hemangiomas against the background of anemia proceed with an active phase of proliferation, which limits traditional treatment. Unlike skin forms of infantile hemangiomas, the growth pattern in anemia has distinctive features: children come already in active proliferation phase. The duration of the course reaches 8 years.
Low-intensity laser radiation treatment for anemia has no major effect on the proliferative activity of hemangioma. Has an antioxidant and wound healing effect

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