In-Vitro and In-Vivo Wound Healing Activity of Biogenically Synthesised S. Alternata Methanolic Extract Silver Nanoparticle Transdermal Patches

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Meena Kurup, Mohan Kumar, Margnat Chandra, Bendi Venkateswarlu, Sambathkumar Ramanathan


StrobilanthesAlternatais a well grown garden plant that is majorly grown for its attractive and energetic greenery. The present study silver nanoparticle synthesis by using S. Alternata methanolic extract and its In-vitro and In-vivo wound healing activity. Conventional and GC-MS phytochemical analysis confirm that S. Alternata methanolic extract bioactive secondary metabolites. By metal reduction method used to synthesised silver nanoparticles with help of S. Alternata methanolic extract. S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs studies cytotoxicity and In-vitro wound healing activity (scratch assay). Transdermal patches were prepared S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs by solvent casting method. S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs transdermal patches conducted In-vivo wound healing study in Wister albino rats. Phytochemical analysis of S. Alternata methanolic extract confirm that it having bioactive secondary metabolites (β-Sitosterol, Cyclobarbital, 4-Ethylbenzoic acid, Antra-9,10-quinone, 2-p-Nitrophenyl-oxadiazol-1,3,4-one-5 and butylparaben etc). S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs showing good migration properties (24 hrs) with L6 cell lines. F2 formulation S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs transdermal patch having good drug leasing properties (74.89%). In-vivo wound healing studies revolved that F2 formulation showing good wound healing properties as compared to standard drug. Animal wound size totally reduced at 14th day as equal to standard drug. Hence, we can conclude the S. Alternata methanolic silver NPs transdermal patches effectively can be used to treatment of wound healing. The effective wound healing activity due the presence of various bioactive phytoconstituents in developed formulation.

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