Improved Algorithm for Proficient Storing and Retrieving of Medical Data Records in A Data Lake

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Dilli Babu M., Sambath M.


A data lake is a prevailing concept widely accepted nowadays by healthcare industry due to the widespread accessibility of information in diverse formats. Today’s medical examination involves a lot of medical images to be viewed by the physicians. The physical medical film viewing is quite cumbersome and may not be accurate at times. So this research work provides ways for storing the medical images in electronic medium in a data lake thereby decreasing the storage for these records and makes the retrieval process much easier. The storage and retrieval of electronic medical images though challenging, the uniqueness in each medical image, the size of the image makes the process to proceed in the right direction. The proposed method is based on improving the storage of medical images and accurate retrieval of medical images from a data lake. This paper proposes methods for efficient improvement in storage of electronic medical images and access techniques related to Hadoop. The uniqueness in the medical images is taken into consideration for the integration of diverse medical images with easy access availability of medical image files. A hybrid algorithm involving the first come first serve (FCFS) and least recently used (LRU) algorithm is proposed for the effective retrieval of medical image files from a data lake.

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