The Effect of the Strategy of Differentiated Education According to the Auditory Learning Style by Using Assistance in Learning the Back Kick (T-Chagi) for the Young Players of Specialized Schools in Taekwondo

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Ahmed Hadi Jumaah, Ban Adnan Mohammed Ameen


The purpose of this paper is to design assistance in learning the back kick (T-chagi) for junior specialized school players, preparing special exercises using assistance designed according to the strategy of differentiated education (auditory style) in learning the back kick (T-chagi) for the research sample. The researchers used the experimental approach with the design of the experimental and control groups.   The research community consisted of players from specialized schools emerging in Taekwondo in Baghdad, who numbered (70) players, and the research sample was selected according to a set of conditions, including that the training age of the player is between 4-8 months. The researchers chose the back kick skill (T-chagi). The sample was divided into two groups (control group), which included 8 players, and the audio experimental group, which included 6 players, based on the pattern scale, whose paragraphs were adapted by the two researchers to suit the selected sample, and then apply the main experiment and the post-test afterwards to obtain data and Interpret and discuss it. The researchers concluded that the individual differences between the players were addressed through differentiated education and that the designed assistance tools had a positive impact on the players' learning process and added to them the factor of excitement and suspense during the performance. The researchers recommended the adoption of assistance tools designed in the process of learning the players and giving them more space to be motivated to raise the level of performance of the players and their development and to introduce the coaches to differentiated education and the most important advantages and benefits of this method and train them on it because the coach's knowledge of the strategy and the most important things related to it facilitates the learning process.

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