Mouthwash Formulation and Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Infusion of Tanjung Fruit Flesh (Mimusops Elengi L.)

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Nelma Hasibuan, Herlinawati, Masniah, Ahmad Purnawarman Faisal


One way that is considered effective in maintaining oral hygiene apart from brushing your teeth is to use mouthwash. Mouthwash is a liquid preparation most often used for refreshing or antiseptic effect and to control plaque, has a temporary antibacterial effect. Tanjung fruit flesh (Mimusops elengi L.) contains flavonoid compounds, tannins, and saponins that act as antibacterial, and it has a potential efficacy in inhibit the growth of some microorganisms including oral microorganims. The purpose of this study was to formulate theĀ  mouthwash solution from Tanjung fruit with a good physical quality test, then evaluate its antimicrobial activity. The type of research used is Laboratory Experimental research with a post-test only control group design. The formula with 30% concentration of fruit infusion treatment showerd greater activity as antimicrobial agent, with the inhibition zone of >18mm. The inhibition zone showed the ability to inhibit Candida albicans with the interpretation of the sensitive inhibition zone measurement (p=0.000). Additionally the parameters that observed in the physical evaluation of mouthwash preparation include changes in color, aroma and taste showed that each formula had different physical characteristics. The most efficient concentration of tanjung fruit pulp mouthwash that can inhibit Candida albicans is at a concentration of 30% with an inhibition zone of > 18 mm.

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