Effect of Anti‑Inflammatory Protein Tnfα‑Stimulated Gene‑6 (TSG‑6) on Rat Brain After Injury

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Munqith Mazin Mghamis, Maher Finjan Taher, Haider Faisal Ghazi, Salih Mahdi Mustafa


Background: This study proposes that the glial scar adjacent to the penetrating brain injuries is active in stabilizing the surrounding uninjured tissue by limiting the inflammatory response to the injury site. The study showed that tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-stimulated gene-6 (TSG-6), a well-known anti-inflammatory molecule, is present within the glial scar. The current study investigated the role of TSG-6 within the glial scar using TSG-6 null and littermate control rat subjected to penetrating brain injuries.

Results: The study outcomes display that rat lacking TSG-6 has a more severe inflammatory response after injury, which was correlated with an enlarged area of astrogliosis beyond the injury site.

Conclusion: The study results provide clue that TSG-6 has an anti-inflammatory role within the glial scar.

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