Driving and Controlling Circuit of Insulin Pump

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Rahman Hanoon Atiyah, Nagham deyaa saleh, Zainab Alaa Abdulrazzaq, Fatima Sabah Nahi, Basma wahad Meteab, Afrah Hamid finjan


The main objective of this research is to preserve the life of the diabetic patient by designing a system that regulates insulin doses for the patient throughout the day, and that .By providing alerts, alerts and warning messages to the patient in the event of a drop in blood sugar or a severe increase, and they provide corrective doses in time ,it is appropriate to avoid dangerous and sudden cases that the patient may be exposed .Where it enables this system the patient to maintain normal levels of glucose by infusing an appropriate amount of insulin is the same as the normal pancreas does in the body of people without diabetes. Patients who used an insulin pump experienced a slight improvement in their blood sugar control, compared to patients who received injections of insulin.

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