The effect of using electrical stimulation and massage within a suggested device to restore muscle lengthening for athletes with a moderate-intensity muscle tear in some posterior thigh muscles

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Karam Salam Ismaeil, Dr. Baydaa Razzaq Jawad, Dr. Hamedd A. Abdul Kadhim


The purpose of this paper is to identifying the effect of the proposed device using electrical stimulation and massage on the variable (muscular lengthening). The experiment was conducted on a sample of players of various sports and injured for the period between (10/11/2022) to (10/3/2023). The researchers used the experimental approach to design the experimental group. The one with the pre, intermediate, and post-test due to its suitability to the nature of the research problem and to achieve its purpose, and the data was processed using the statistical bag (SPSS), and through the results collected, it was concluded that stimulation and electrical massage had positive effects in restoring muscle lengthening as soon as possible, and then returning Injured players to the fields of play, where it contributed to the return of the injured posterior thigh muscles to the normal state, and the researchers recommended to be guided by the proposed device, which was designed to rehabilitate the other injured thigh muscles.

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