Impact on Psychological Influence towards Education of Rural Tribal Women with Special Reference to Kodaikanal Taluk- Tamil Nadu

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Srinivasulu R., S.N. Sugumar


The content of the right to education is not education per se, but rather the fundamentals of the right to education. The right to education is a universal human right that, when exercised, should result in a profound and transformative educational experience. To measure the impacts of psychological influence based on education among tribal women in various blocks of Kodaikanal. The results of a survey can be used as a basis for further experimental studies and other types of descriptive studies, such as a case study. The study is performed in the areas of the tribal group living in the Kodaikanal district. The sample size of the study was fixed to be 225 which is determined based tribal blocks. The selection of sample was determined using the snowball sampling technique. The collected data was analysed based on application of various tools using SPSS-21.The ANOVA and exploratory factor analysis was used for analyzing data.  The psychological influence of women is different when they are imparted with education which has the power to transform their lives. The educational impact is highly significant in the study area which was derived from the opinions of the tribal women.

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