The Effect of Compound Exercises with the Intense Method and the Training Mask on the Development of Some Physical Abilities and the Level of Skillful Performance of Futsal Players

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Hiba Ali Mondher, Sabah Qasim Khalaf


The purpose of this paper is to prepare of compound exercises in the intensive method and the training mask to develop some of the physical and skill capabilities that futsal players need, and to know the effect of compound exercises in developing specific physical capabilities and the level of skillful performance of the specific skills. The researchers used the experimental approach with two groups (the control and the experimental) due to its suitability to the research problem, the research sample was chosen by the intentional method from the players of Al-Zawraa Club, who are (14) players. As for the field research procedures, the two researchers conducted physical abilities tests for (Power characterized speed - translational speed - endurance of speed) and skill tests for (Putting out skill - passing skill - shooting skill) before, then the main experiment was conducted, and after that, the post-tests were conducted, taking into account the conditions that took place in the pre-tests. The researchers used the statistical bag to obtain the data to be processed. As for the results of the research, significant differences appeared between the pre and post-tests in the physical abilities and the level of skillful performance in favor of the experimental one. The researchers recommended the use of compound exercises in the intensive method and the training mask in developing other physical and skill aspects and in other sporting events, and the use of compound exercises prepared with other training methods and for different age groups.

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