Techniques for Estimating Dietary Sodium: A Review

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Yogesh R Chavan, Virendra C Patil


Research has demonstrated that consuming too much sodium through food is linked to high blood pressure and the complications it causes, such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. The amount of salt people consume each day varies from place to place depending on factors like geography, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. In this review, the several techniques for determining daily sodium consumption, including dietary estimating methods utilizing 24-hour dietary memory, food frequency questionnaires and diet records, and biochemical techniques employing spot or 24-hour urine salt estimation are discussed. The calculation used to estimate 24-hour urine sodium from the spot urine sodium can be applied to determine how much sodium is predicted to be consumed daily. Validation studies must be carried out in order to choose the right equation. The monitoring of sodium consumption at the population level is crucial for reducing non-communicable illnesses.

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