Effects of Pregnancy Analgesic Use on Stillbirth: A Review

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R.P.Patange, Ashutosh Bahulekar, Naval Shah


A dreadful pregnancy condition that is linked to emotional, social, and financial problems is stillbirth. Many risks are there can all contribute to stillbirth. Despite the fact that there are many possible causes of stillbirth, the use of analgesics makes the likelihood of stillbirth more likely. Each medication has advantages and disadvantages that impact the foetus. The incidence of stillbirth during pregnancy increased twofold when exposed to drugs. There is a lack of strong evidence that links the administration of analgesics during gestation to stillbirth, thus their usage is not strictly regulated. Thus, the current research review highlights the possibility of analgesic-induced stillbirth. Analgesics used improperly as OTC medications are well-known. Analgesics are frequently used for self-medication without a doctor's supervision. Some of these medications have a propensity to penetrate the placental barrier and may be harmful to the foetus. A pregnant woman may utilise analgesics for a variety of reasons, including pain brought on by the body's adaptation to the pregnancy-related changes. Owing to accessibility and ignorance of the risks to the foetus, analgesics are frequently used irrationally, which can result in pregnancy-related issues like stillbirth.

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