Depression During Pregnancy: A Review

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Manisha Laddad, N.S. Khirsagar, Deepshree Arbune, Rasika Rawat


The role of a mother is not only physically demanding but also emotionally taxing. Women tend to have higher rates of depression and anxiety. A serious depressive episode that manifests itself during or after pregnancy is referred to as perinatal depression. It is overlooked an extremely high percentage of the time, which has a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the lady, the child, and the partner. Obstetricians have a responsibility to remain vigilant and knowledgeable about the associated risk factors as well as the screening procedures for prenatal depression. Perinatal depression that is either misdiagnosed or improperly treated can result in life-threatening consequences for the mother as well as the child. When taking into consideration the potential risks to both mother and the unborn child, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication should be administered.

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