Scope of Clinical Pharmacology in India: A Review

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Lekhika Singh, S.A. Surale -Patil, P. S. Salve, Harsh Singh, Chavda Akshayra, Aditya Shah


Determining an academic program is difficult because clinical pharmacy technicians perform a wide range of duties. This is particularly true given the shifting conditions in nations that are developing, where the field of clinical pharmacology plays a larger role. The clinical pharmacologist might be in charge of carrying out morally sound research studies, assisting with the prescription drug marketplace's requirements, facilitating the availability of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective medications, directing their accountable usage, assisting in the accomplishment of centuries of advancement objectives, and overseeing medication management requirements for hospital recognition. Clinical pharmacists, particularly those working in nations with limited resources, have a huge scope to improve community wellness through the expansion of the drug market, but now, less scientific investigation and clinical testing activity are carried out than may be anticipated. Here, we examine clinical pharmacology education in India, take into account the requirements of various professions involved in therapeutic investigation and medication use, and make recommendations for how to improve present programs and launch new ones. The instances of the emerging and advanced worlds' clinical pharmacy can benefit from the findings.

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