Anthropometric Analysis of India's Nasal Index

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M.P. Ambali, Priya P. Roy, S. S. Mohite


The Greek words (Anthropos) and Metrôn are the roots of the word "anthropometry," which means "measurement of man." The study of human body components is a branch of morphometry. Population anthropometry is a branch of anthropology that studies nose size and shape in human groups. Several studies have shown that people's nose sizes and other nasal indices differ worldwide. Previous studies have shown India's population is varied in terms of language, religion, ethnicity, and genetics. "A century ago, anthropological studies stated that the people of Kashmir had an Indo-Aryan majority, the people of Bihar and the United States had an Aryo-Dravidian majority, and the people of southern India had a Dravidian majority." If national standards are to be set, research must be done throughout India due to its varied population.

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