A Glipse of “Guyon's Canal” of the “Human Wrist”

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Priya P. Roy, S. S. Mohite, Mrs. S.A. Shedge


“Guyon's Canal, also known as the common medial ulnar canal”. It is a fibro-osseous tube that extends from the distal end of the pisiform to the level of the hook of hamate on the anteromedial aspect of the wrist. From an anatomical perspective, it is intriguing as a peculiar feature. Comprehensive comprehension of the anatomical structure of the Guyon canal is imperative for the effective management of Ulnar tunnel syndrome, which is commonly known as Guyon's canal syndrome”. It is noteworthy that various symptoms are linked to ulnar nerve compression within the Guyon's canal. However, appropriate treatment and care can effectively mitigate these symptoms. The aforementioned variations have the potential to affect the categorization of Guyon's canal into three distinct zones, as well as the clinical symptoms that are linked to each zone. A comprehensive comprehension of probable variations could enhance the probability of suitable treatment of compression symptoms by surgeons.

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