Awareness of Foramina of the Head.

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S.A. Shedge, M. M. Thorat, S. D. Kadam


The base of the skull is divided into the anterior, middle and posterior fossae. The anterior cranial fossa includes the frontal and ethmoid bones. The anterior cranial fossa houses the cerebral hemispheres' frontal lobes. “It helps cranial nerve (CN) I fibers flow through the cribriform plate foramina”. The anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramina are openings for ethmoidal arteries, nerves, and veins. Our research aims to describe all human skull openings (cranial foramina). These foramina may not resemble the genuine neurovascular pathways produced within a single bone, but they do. There is still much to understand about the developmental differences between the two foramina, anatomical changes, and different skulls for different skull fracture processes. With further research, we can understand these elements and their clinical effects.

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