Genotypic detection of Some Virulence Factors of Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumonia that Associated with Pathogenicity

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Emad Kareem Hanoon, Mahdi Alammar


The study aimd to isolation and identification of Hypervirulent K. pneumonia (hvKp) from  clinical samples and investigation the virulence factors genes of bacteria. The present study included 100 specimens collected from patients suffering from (, Diabetic Foot ,Wound swab, Liver abbesses , Blood , CSF, Semen, Swab) of patients to four  hospitals in Najaf City from both sex Male (44) and Female (57) of age ranged between (10-50) years in the period between September to December from 2022. The   bacteria were identified by Morphological, Microscopic ,biochemical    and confirmed identified by VITEK-2 system were gave (80) isolates due to K.pneumoniae. In  this study the results of virulence factors  genes, PCR Results showed several points include : BssS gene gave positive result (100%) of K. pneumoniae , while iucA gene  appear in (36%), mrkD gene  that gave positive (100%), Molecular detection  of rmpA gene  results showed that presence in (27%), While TraT gene  (90%) and magA gene  were  (5%).

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