“A Study to Assess the Quality of Life in Patients with Selected Respiratory Tract Problems in Selected Areas of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad.”

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Nilima Rajan Bhore, Aparna Bhushan Kale


“A STUDY TO ASSESS THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN PATIENTS WITH SELECTED RESPIRATORY TRACT PROBLEMS IN SELECTED AREAS OF SANGALI, MIRAJ KUPWAD’’ Objectives of the study:  To assess the mental well-being among the patients with respiratory problems. ii. To assess the social interaction among the patients with respiratory problems. iii. To assess the effect of climatic changes in the patients with respiratory problems. iv. To assess association between quality of life among patients with respiratory tract infection with their selected socio demographic variables. Materials and methods: Qualitative research approach was used for study. The sample for study was selected as per the criteria with non-probability purposive sampling technique. A final study was carried out with 50 sample from selected areas of Sangli Miraj and Kupwad co-operation. Based on the objectives of the study the data was analyzed using statistical method that is percentage, mean and standard deviation. In this study, research design is non- experimental descriptive exploratory design and  Non probability sampling technique was used in this study the sample constituted of 50 respiratory patients from sangli, Miraj and kupwad cooperation area. Results and conclusions: For Quality of analysis  according to the global aspect of the patients with selected respiratory tract problems in selected areas of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad was excellent in 12% of respiratory patients, good in 8% and poor in 40% of respiratory patient. For the breathing pattern was good in 42% of the respiratory patient and poor in 58%.The level of discomfort or restlessness in performing their daily activity was good in 26% of the respiratory patient and poor in 74%.

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