Intra Gastric Balloon for Weigh Reduction

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Haider Ali ALRamahi


Elips balloon is new generation of intragastric balloon similar to action of other type of intragastric balloon the only differeance in method of implantation and extraction which is very important to patient and physcision .

The function of balloon to tack space in stomach more the 2/3 of stomach and felling of fullness after that .

The elips balloon its very simple to insertion or implant to stomach by swallowing  with cup of water within 2-4 minuts only by patient its self similar to swallowing big tablet or big bite of food some time need to help by use guide wire inside the balloon tube .

The balloon remain inside the stomach for about 4 months rang from 3 to 5 months and the average of weight loss its about 10-38 kg  its depend on the patient how much he or she is sticky to instruction about type and amount of food during the balloon implant .

The balloon rupture spontaneously after end of its age and it will pass smoothly through GIT and leave the body with stool some time associated with abdominal cramp during passing .

In this paper I will tock about my experience only  in Iraq with elips balloon for about  185 balloon about side effect and complication and result in weight loss , induration from January 2018 to October 2021

All of its implant in my clinic under close fellow up to the patients  for 6 months duration.

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