Evaluation of prosthetic complications associated with dental implants

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Dr. Shanu
Dr. Meenakshi choudhary
Dr. Shivani Arora
Dr. Lalit Kumar
Dr. Simrandeep Kaur
Dr. Navneet Kaur



Background: Missing teeth can either be replaced by fixed or by removable implant‐supported prostheses. This study was done to evaluate prosthetic complications which were associated with dental implants.

Materials & methods: A total of 40 subjects were enrolled. A detailed history was recorded. Consent was taken. Data was collected and results were analysed using SPSS software.

Results: The prosthetic complications were abutment fractured in 1, loose abutment in 2, fracture of veneering porcelain in 3, prosthesis framework fracture in 1 and screw fracture in 1 subject.

Conclusion: Prosthetic complications were abutment fractured, loose abutment, fracture of veneering porcelain, prosthesis framework fracture and screw fracture.


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