Comparative evaluation of debris extrusion by three file systems with different cross-sectional design- An in-vitro study

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Dr. Neetish Shriram Chavhan
Dr. K. Sandya Rani
Dr. Sheetal Grover
Dr. Manjari Chaudhary
Dr.Gaurav Agrawal
Dr. Dipooja Patil


Background: To compare and evaluate debris extrusion by three file systems. Materials & methods: A 30 mandibular first premolars were randomly assigned to 3 groups (n = 10 teeth/group). The root canals were instrumented according to the manufacturers’ instructions using the The debris extrusion was compared and statistically analyzed using analysis of variance and SPSS software. Results: The mean apically extruded weight of debris in WaveOne (0.0078 g) was more when compared with the Hyflex (0.0018 g). Conclusion: The WaveOne™ and ProTaper™ rotary instruments produced significantly more debris compared with Hyflex CM™ rotary instruments (P < 0.05).

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