Predilection in Knowledge and Skills of Elderly Posyandu Cadres with Health Examination Training in Tulusrejo Village Lowokwaru Sub-District Malang City

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Meilina Ratna Dianti, Fidia Rizkiah Inayatilah, Ria Ramadhani Dwi Atmaja,


The aging process causes many changes in the body of the elderly, such as psychological changes, social changes, and functional decline in the body. As a result of this reduced functional capacity, the elderly generally do not respond to various stimuli as effectively as can be done on younger people. Decreased capacity to respond to stimuli makes it difficult for older people to maintain physical and chemical status in the body or maintain homeostasis. This disruption to homeostasis causes dysfunction of various organ systems and increases susceptibility to various diseases. Cell setbacks occur in old age because of the aging process which can result in organ weakness, physical deterioration, also the emergence of various diseases such as increased uric acid levels (hyperuricemia), increased blood sugar levels (hypeglycemia), and increased cholesterol levels (hyperlipidemia). The elderly also tend to experience an increase in blood pressure. This is due to the degenerative processes of elderly bodily functions. Community service was carried out through 4 stages, namely: site survey, stakeholder mapping, coaching and training, and evaluation. From the evaluation results, the findings revealed that after training in between, there was an increase in knowledge and understanding as well as an increase in the skills of the elderly Posyandu (Pos Pelayanan Terpadu or Integrated Service Post) cadres regarding blood pressure measurement and examination of blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol.

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