Endo-perio lesions prevalence in non-molar and molar teeth

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Dr. Ankur Chauhan, Dr. Aparna Pandey, Dr. Agami Mehta, Dr. Rajesh V Gondhalekar, Dr. Kumar Ankit, Dr.Anchala Agrawal


Background: To study prevalence of endo-perio lesions in non-molar and molar teeth. Materials & methods: A total of 50 teeth were enrolled as in 48 subjects. The presence/absence of periapical lesion, bone loss in the furcation region, and proximal area were evaluated. The results were analysed using SPSS software. The p- value less than 0.05 was considered significant. Results: It was found that 60% of the teeth were diagnosed with primary endodontic lesion, and that periodontal lesions were present in as secondary (12%), primary (8%), or combined (14%). Conclusion: The primary endodontic lesion was found in a greater proportion in teeth referred for endodontic treatment.

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