Assessment of acetabulum in human dry hip bone

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Dr. Swapna A Shedge, Dr. Manoj Ambali, Dr. Sandeep S Mohite


Background: The acetabulum is a deep cup-shaped cavity on the lateral aspect of the hip-bone about its center and is directed laterally, downwards and somewhat forwards. The present study was conducted to assess acetabulum in human dry hip bone.

Materials & Methods: 82 dry human hip bone of either gender was selected. Parameters such as depth and diameters of acetabulum of the hip bone was recorded. Results of present study was also compared with previous study

Results: Out of 82 dry hip bones, 40 were of males and 42 were of females. The mean depth of acetabulum was 27.2±3.5 mm and diameters was 46.3± 2.3 mm. There was no correlation between two (r- 0.47).

Conclusion: The depth of acetabulum correlates with acetabular diameter so this information may be helpful during hip arthroplasty, treatment of joint fracture and in diagnosing congenital hip dysplasia.

Key words: acetabulum, hip arthroplasty, hip dysplasia

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