Percentage, Severity and Etiologies of Clinically Visible Gingival Recession in Adult Population of Sangli District- A Pilot Study

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Pallavi Sitaram Kamble, Priyanka Vhanmane, Amruta Bansode, Ajit Nair, Rachana Agarwal, Prasanna Sawant


Introduction: Due to increasing patients for a harmonious smile, a common concern in periodontology is solving gingival aesthetic problems, mainly gingival recession (GR), which has gained the status of discomfort in esthetic and cosmetic  dentistry. Even though gingival recession may occur without any symptoms it can give rise to pain from exposed dentine, patient concern about loss of the tooth, poor esthetics or root caries. The denuded root surfaces cause deterioration in the esthetic appearance, dentin hypersensitivity, and inability to perform proper oral hygiene procedures. Hence the present study is conducted to assess percentage, severity and possible etiologies of clinically visible gingival recession in adult population of sangli district.

Material and methods: A cross‑sectional study was carried out on 210 adolescent. All the patients  were examined in the OPD Dept of  Periodontology in college of Bharati Vidyapeeth dental college and hospital sangli. The questionnaire directed to patients had questions referring to gender, age, occupation and socioeconomic status. After receiving the answers from the patients, the patients were examined clinically. Clinical parameters: Gingival index, Russell’s periodontal index, simplified oral hygiene index, visible clinical attachment loss, width of attached gingiva, class of gingival recession (according to Millers 1985 classification), number of teeth with gingival recession were examined.

Results: The results of this study proved that neglecting oral hygiene is the most common cause behind increase the gingival recession among adolescents.

Conclusion: To summarize, GR is a highly prevalent condition among population, and there is insufficient dental health awareness among the sangli district population. The designation of educational program for periodontal health care is mandatory to decrease the risk of gingival recession among population specially the adolescents.

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