Study the Effect of COVID19 Vaccines on PIP, GIP and Some of Pancreatic Enzymes in Iraqi Men

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Hamed Ali Hamed, Ashwak I. AL-Obaedi


The gole of the current research was assess influence of COVID19 Vaccines on prolactin inducible protein (PIP), Glucose insulintropic peptide (GIP),Amylase.Lipase Enzyme, in Iraqi men. Altered in some levels of hormones and other biochemical parameters may be accompany the vaccine of covid19.Amylase, Lipase, GIP,PIP,Ferritin, and Age They were estimated in 100 persons which is vaccinated in Pfizer–BioNTech Vaccine (PBV). Results indicated a statistical significantly rise in the mean of Amylase,lipase,GIP,PIP, and Decrease in ferritin level, when compared with the healthy controls (n=50).

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