The Effect of Dynamic Lactic Training According to the Target Time to Develop the Achievement of 800m Runners Under 20 Years Old

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Marwa Abbas Mahde, Hamedd A. Abdul Kadhim, Hasan Noori Tarish


            The purpose of this paper is to preparing dynamic lactic exercises according to the target time for 800m runners (under 20 years old) , and identifying the effect of dynamic lactic exercises on achievement. The researchers has adopted the experimental approach in the (one group) style with two pre and post-tests and its design to suit the nature of the research problem. The sample of the research community for the event of running (800 m) under 20 years old, whose number is (6) runners who represent 100% of the community of origin from the elite of Baghdad, and the research sample was chosen by the intentional method in the Iraq Athletics Clubs Championship for the season (2022-2023), which They applied the training curriculum using dynamic lactic exercises. One of the most important results reached by the researchers is that : The dynamic lactic training according to the target time affects the flow of performance and improves the achievement of the 800m run, the development of the fatigue index variable and performance endurance of the runners were in a positive direction in improving the level of achievement of the 800m run , and use of the high-intensity and repetitive interval training method in dynamic training is effective in improving hypoxia and delaying the onset of lactic acid. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researcher is that: It is preferable to adopt dynamic lactic exercises according to the target time to complete the 800m, as it has an impact on organizing the training load, and necessity of rationing the training loads according to the target time during the training units in order to

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