Awareness about ocular complications due to dental infections among dentists

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Dr. Aashima Gupta, Dr. Aswani Kumar, Dr. Nitin Kudyar, Dr. Ashwini Pratap Gupta, Dr. Sankey Kumar Baidya, Dr. Kapil Paiwal


Introduction: In extreme cases, ophthalmia, impaired vision, and blindness may develop as a result of a tooth infection. These complexities are often disregarded or given insufficient weight. There are no established protocols for dealing with these ocular issues. This research aimed to gauge dentists' level of familiarity with the ocular problems that might arise from oral infections. Participants were given a questionnaire they may fill out at their own pace. Materials and methods: There were 350 participants, and the survey was distributed only over the internet. The information was collected, then SPSS was used to tabulate the findings. Results: Only 31% of people in the survey were aware that oral infection may lead to eye problems. The majority of what was learned was gleaned through books. The vast majority of them were curious to learn about control and prevention measures. Conclusion: This research highlighted dentists' inability to recognize and treat eye problems. Therefore, educational opportunities like seminars and summer camps are necessary.

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