Nursing management about Neonatal Total Parenteral Nutrition

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Aseel Ali sakran, khatam M. Hattab


The expertise and techniques that nurses employ in the administration of neonatal total parenteral nutrition (TPN) have a significant impact on the patients' health as well as their overall well-being. TPN stands for total parenteral nutrition and is an advanced and specialized kind of intravenous nutrition that calls for a high level of knowledge in addition to careful attention to detail. This study aims to evaluate nursing management about neonatal Total Parenteral Nutrition. A quasi-experimental design of the study has been used in the present study during the period from 12th November 2022 to 1st of May 2023. The result show that the overall assessment of nurses’ practices; the findings reveals that nurses in the study group are showing poor level of practices during the pre-test time (92%, M±SD= 46.72 ± 1.882) while they are showing good level of practices during the post-test 1 (96%, M±SD= 119.04 ± 1.904) and post-test 2 (92%, M±SD= 117.16 ± 3.223) that indicate the significant changes in level of practices among nurses after applying the program. The study concluded that nurses demonstrated a low level of practice during the pre-test phase. However, the post-test 1 and post-test 2 results indicated a significant improvement in the level of practice among the nurses after the implementation of the program. The study recommended to establish regular training programs aiming to improve nurses’ knowledge and practice about TPN.

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