Evaluation of Patients' Knowledge toward Pain Management in Hemodialysis Unit

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Esraa Ali Hanoon, Khalida Mohammed Khudur


 Background: Patients with chronic renal disease who get hemodialysis frequently complain of pain.  pain is a challenging condition for hemodialysis patients to manage.

Objective: To evaluate patient knowledge about pain management in hemodialysis Unit

Methodology: A descriptive design carried out at the Hemodialysis Unit in Al-Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital the duration of the study from (14thDecember 2022, to 20th May 2023) for 30 sample.

Result: The results of the study showed the existence of highly statistically significant differences for the knowledge of hemodialysis patients after application educational program in the post test.

Conclusion: The study showed the positive effect on patients' knowledge about pain management at hemodialysis unit after implementing educational program that for 30 study sample.

Recommendation: Provide educational programs in the future could be conducted to improve hemodialysis patients' knowledge about pain management. 

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