Psychological Violence and It is Relation to Academic Achievement of Middle School Students

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Wissam Jabbar Qassim, Mohammed Rowdhan Al-Sabawy


Introduction: Psychological violence is a serious challenge with wide-ranging consequences for individuals. Many communities presently experience psychological violence, which has become a common occurrence. The study aims to identify the most prevalent forms of psychological violence and their impact on middle school students' academic achievement.

Methods: A cross-sectional study design has been used through a questionnaire that was distributed among 64 students who are subjected to psychological violence from middle schools in Kirkuk, Iraq, conducted between November 2022 and March 2023.  Excellent internal consistency reliability was shown by the instrument (Cronbach's alpha = 0.90). The researchers applied the stratified random sampling technique.

Results: The results illustrate that (25%) of battered students suffered psychological violence. The females were more exposed to psychological violence at (64.1%) and males at (35.9%), also more than 60% of the parent's educational level of students was less than primary education. The majority of the family income of battered students was not enough (43.8%)  and (42.2%) almost enough. 65% of psychologically battered have low grades and more than 70% do not participate and do not listen with interest and focus on the discussion during the lesson. The results showed that 78% of abused students’ academic achievements were failed. Conclusion: The results of the current study revealed that the prevalence of psychological violence among students is moderate. Psychological violence significantly affects students' academic achievement (p=0.001).

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