Evidence-based Dentistry: A Literature Review

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Dr. Khevna M. Vora, Dr. Preetam P. Shah, Dr. Rucha N. Davalbhakta, Dr. Chetana M. Jagtap, Dr. Sanket S. Kunte, Dr. Smita S. Patil


Over the past few decades there has been an exponential increase in the field of scientific research. Hence keeping up with the everchanging field is necessary but also requires investment of effort and time. Evidence based dentistry helps clinicians be updated with the current line of research and treatments hence helping them make an informed decision in order to deliver the best possible care to patients. Evidence-based decision making requires understanding new concepts and developing new skills including how to: ask good clinical questions, conduct a computerized search, critically appraise the evidence, apply the results in clinical practice, and evaluate the process. It aims to create a dialogue between dental practitioners and dental researchers, in order to drive new research and promote the use of best available evidence to inform clinical decision making.

Keywords: Evidence-based Dentistry, levels of evidence, steps of evidence-based dentistry


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