Exploring Herbal Medicaments in Endodontics: A Comprehensive Review and Future Perspectives

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Dr. Sushma P Jaju, Dr. Gurinderjeet S Gulati, Dr. Sushil K Landge, Dr. Namrata Gulati


Endodontic treatments are integral to dental health; however, they pose challenges, including microbial resistance and cytotoxicity associated with synthetic medicaments. This paper reviews the potential of herbal medicaments as viable alternatives in endodontics. We first introduce endodontics, common diseases, and current treatment protocols. We then highlight the potential role of herbal medicaments, examining various medicinal plants, their properties, and how they address endodontic diseases. We also compare herbal medicaments with synthetic ones, exploring their advantages and limitations. Following this, we present an in-depth review of clinical studies that demonstrate the efficacy of herbal medicaments in endodontic treatments.

The available research evidence supports the potential of herbal medicaments as effective endodontic treatments. However, challenges such as the lack of standardization in preparation and dosages, variability of plant products, regulatory issues, and perception barriers affect their widespread adoption. Future research should focus on long-term clinical trials, comparative studies, and combination therapies to further understand the mechanisms of action of these herbal medicaments. As the evidence base grows, these natural treatments may become more prevalent in endodontic practice, offering an alternative solution to synthetic medicaments in combating endodontic diseases.

Keywords: Endodontics, Herbal Medicaments, Medicinal Plants, Alternative Treatments, Clinical Studies, Synthetic Medicaments, Endodontic Diseases

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