Reconstruction of Femoral vein with two saphenous veins after resection of Recurrent Desmoid: ANoble operative technique

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Vinay Kumar, Neelesh Shrivastava, Sonveer Singh Gautam, Yogesh Niwaria


Extra abdominal desmoid tumor shows a locally infiltrative and destructive growth pattern despite beingbenign. Recurrence is common due to highlyirregular shape and finger like projections of the tumour. Initial treatment plan is surgical and to achieveĀ  R0 resection with broader peripheral and deeper margin, resection and reconstruction of vascular structure in the nearby vicinity is sometimes required. Multiple methods exist to reconstruct the vascular supply.In this article we describe a noble research technique of femoral vein reconstruction by autologous graft (saphenous vein) after complete excision of femoral vein and other deeper margin to achieve the R0 resection for the limb salvage.This newer technique utilises the patient own long saphenous vein conduit and cut into two separate conduit and reconstruct the vascular return to match the diameter and blood flow of the femoral vein There is no comparative literature available to compare the technique the new femoral saphenous femoral system is equally effect for the optimal vascularisation of the venous system without the need of leaving foreign body inside patient body and incurring any cost to the patients and preventing the patient from lifelong anticoagulation

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